Longitudinal Systems Analysis

The Longitudinal Systems Analysis Report provides critical information about how people experiencing homelessness use their system of care.

The LSA focuses on three key performance measures for homelessness response services, along with demographic information about people who experience homelessness in our community:

  1. Cumulative Days Homeless
  2. Exits to Permanent Destinations
  3. Returns to Homelessness

For more information about the LSA, please see HUD’s page about the report: https://www.hudexchange.info/homelessness-assistance/lsa/

For more information about the performance measures included in the dashboards, please see HUD’s page about Stella P: https://www.hudexchange.info/homelessness-assistance/stella/stella-performance-overview-videos/

The HUD HDX 2.0 also provides communities with an interactive dashboard to examine their data. If you are interested in accessing the interactive dashboard through HDX 2.0, please send a request to hmis@unitedway-cny.org.

PDF reports of the Longitudinal Systems Analysis for NY-505 as a whole and for each county in NY-505 are provided below.

2021 LSA Reports:

NY-505 LSA 2021

Cayuga County LSA 2021

Onondaga County LSA 2021

Oswego County LSA 2021

2020 LSA Reports:

2019 LSA Reports:

The LSA takes the place of the Annual Homelessness Assessment Report (AHAR). AHAR reports from prior to 2018 are available below: