CoC Funding Competition

The Housing and Homeless Coalition of Central New York (HHC), with United Way of Central New York as its Collaborative Applicant, as the CoC Lead Agency, coordinates the process that selects the local projects that will be moved forward to the federal HUD CoC Program Competition. A local application has to be submitted in response to the Request For Proposal (RFP) released by the HHC. Projects will be reviewed and ranked by an independent project selection committee called the Performance Selection Committee. Projects that make the selection list will advance to the federal application process.

FY-2021 Consolidated Application and Priority List

2021 Competition

The Housing and Homeless Coalition announces its local opportunity for Continuum of Care funding.

Currently funded and new agencies are encouraged to apply. Applications are due to by 5pm on September 24th. Application, instructions and protocol can be found below.

Priority List 2021

Funding Available

Total Annual Renewal Demand (ARD): $9,818,095

Bonus: $490,905

DV Bonus: $1,119,214

Planning Funds: $294,543 (planning funds are not ranked)

Tier 1 (100% ARD): $9,818,095

Tier 2: $1,610,149

Materials to Apply

View the recording of the Funding Competition Informational Meeting Below: