Coordinated Entry

The Syracuse/Auburn, Onondaga, Oswego and Cayuga Counties Continuum of Care has established a Coordinated Entry process to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals will be given priority to housing programs. The VI-SPDAT and related assessment tools, are used to assess shelter residents and determine vulnerability and need for housing.

Coordinated entry resources for service providers:

The formal document outlining HHCCNY’s Coordinated Entry Process.

Changes to the CE plan in response to COVID-19, approved May 2020.

CoC Housing Program Transfer Request Form  – Form used for PSH projects to request that a client be transferred to a different PSH program. This form should be submitted to the HHC when considering clients for transfers.

PSH Documentation Packet – This packet contains a description of documentation that would verify that a client is chronically homeless. Forms for disability verification, self-certification of homeless status, self-certification of breaks in homelessness, and third party verification of an individual’s homeless status are included. Completed packets should be attached to a client note in HMIS entered under the coordinated entry provider.

Training on Coordinated Entry System

The slide deck used in the HHC Coordinated Entry Training. First half contains information about the coordinated entry system, types of programs that clients enter through the CE system. The second half consists of technical information about making and receiving coordinated entry referrals through the CNY HMIS system. Video of the most recent training is provided below.

Video from 9-17-21 Coordinated Entry Training

Coordinated Entry HMIS Workflow Document For Shelters and Street Outreach This document describes the coordinated entry workflow for shelter and street outreach workers. Includes instructions on uploading disability documentation to HMIS Updated 3-2-2021.

Coordinated Entry HMIS Workflow Document 09-2019 PSH RRH – This document describes the coordinated entry HMIS workflow for housing providers. Updated 9-13-2019.

Guide to the new coordinated entry list – A document detailing the contents of each referral list and referral error list contained in the weekly coordinated entry list.

CE Training Feedback Survey